Friday, March 22, 2013

flowers carpet

Lomo LC-A

Film  -  old Agfacolor 100
Process - C41


  1. Is it the spring already in Bulgaria?

    Now, a question to you. Show you old photos? Or photographing you also on film? You can develop even old GDR ORWO colour films in Bulgaria? This is know no C41 process. I'm waiting your answer with great excitement.

    many greetings to you and to your two models of Martenitsa (sorry, I don't know its name)

    with great respect,

  2. Hi Egbert,
    Very glad you like my favorite martenici. :)
    I shoot with ORWO! This is my favorite film. In my blog have images taken with ORWO. Very hard to find, but I have ten pieces in the refrigerator. I'm saving them for a special occasion. Home working with D-76 process, and soon I do kafenol or I can try R9 process.

    There is a large family archive. I will seek to buy a nice scanner at home and I can post.

  3. Hallo Mr. X

    Thank you for the speedy reply. I have no questions to the black and white film development with the developer of R9. I am interested in: can I still ORWO color films such as the film NC21 professionally developed in Bulgaria?

    Have a nice day,