Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meyer-Optik Trioplan 50

Meyer-Optik Trioplan 50 mm f/ 2.9
Manual Focus,
M42, Altix bayonet mount
Optical scheme - triplet: 3 elements in 3 group
Focal length -  50mm
Aperture -  f/2.9 - f/22
Blades - 12
Min. Focus (m.) - 0.6
Filter Ø (mm.) - 35.5



  1. OMG, this is a great rarity. Meyer was a famous German optics manufacturing company, founded by Hugo Meyer (1863 - 1905) in town Görlitz. After 1945 Meyer was the second lens manufacturer after Carl Zeiss Jena in East German.(DDR)
    Later, when Meyer-Optics became a part of the GDR PENTACON manfacturing, all lenses called produced by Pentacon.
    Have you got a camera for this lens? Can you show me a picture of this camera?

    with kindest regards

  2. Hi Egbert,
    photos from this lens are the labels below. Shoot only those things that are in my closet! :)
    This is my favorite lens! It's really hard to find. I searched it for almost a year. My dad was making one. I grow to Meyer-Optik Trioplan 50 and I have a lot of nostalgia, but other colleagues found that feeling without personal history.
    On the right are labels click on the lens and you will see them. As a kid I won a contest with this lens! There is a frame.

  3. To my great regret my father's lens is damaged. I found another, but with defects. Now I put it on Mamiya sekor 1000c with film ORWO. I soon put pictures. My father had shooth with Praktica IV with this lens. I also take pictures with it. It is unique!