Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Olympus Stylus 105

Lens: 38 mm - 105 mm
Battery: 1 x CR123 - 3V Lithium Battery
Autofocus, Zoom Size- 3
Minimum Focus Distance - 0.6м
Aperture: f5.6 - f11.9


  1. Hello my photo friend,

    I know not why, but initially I thought you live in Russia. At the repeated viewing your photos I realized that it could be another country. Is it true that you live with your family in Bulgaria?

    In this sense, your photo motif with the lamp is an enlightenment for me.

    with best regards from Dresden,

  2. Hi Egbert,
    you're right on both. I am Bulgarian and I grew up here, which means that I brought up in Russian culture. :)))
    So it's hard to say two sentences in English.

    How did the lamp that I live in Bulgaria, it is a mystery!? :)

  3. Thanks for the quick reply to my question. I live in Dresden in the former GDR, and so we also saw the attempt to make the Russian culture to our life.
    It is now 20 years ago and a lot changed in that time. During my high school time I entertained letter connections with Bulgarian students. They learned the German language in a high school in the town of Pazardzhik. But that was so many years ago.
    One thing I remember with great joy. It has been the Marteniza. In the letters, my friends sent with each spring these small, red and white dolls. This Marteniza I pinned to me clothes and most people did not know what had to mean.

    to your question:
    I wanted to create a Mateapher with the lamp. It should say, a light went on me. No mystery! :))

    I saw things on your photos with street scenes, which I kept in memory from a visit to Bulgaria.


  4. Hello Egber,
    I am very glad that you know Bulgaria and Bulgarian Martenitsa.
    This is a great symbol for good health throughout the year. This is typical Bulgarian tradition. Probably in Germany have a similar character with wishes for good health!?